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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

kitchen cabinet part 6

friday is the final part of the KC installation i.e. the kitchen doors (together with the shoe rack). have to take leave. original installation date is saturday but had to vacate it since need to go down to kl on saturday. hope to drop by at ikea to grab some things

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

big eyes' future undertakings

the other day big eyes asked me to advice her on her future occupation. told her to do what she likes best. she said she likes teaching but she wants to be rich. uh uh that means she thinks that teaching is not a lucrative job. i probed her further why she thinks so. her short answer, "i know-lah!".

hmmm.. how to help her. jokingly i told her that she can still do what she likes (i.e. teaching) and be rich at the same time. How, she retorted. Just marry a rich man. "Wow, amma, that's a GOOD IDEA! You are right!" she said snapping her fingers.

oh dear! where is this going to lead .............

bringing up kids

nowadays its not that easy to juggle with kids, career and home. wonder how many working mother can actually keep up with everything and still have time for other social activities. my only wish for this year is to be able to maintain all without much hiccups. the things i really would like to have:-

1. take care of kids' health and well being

2. guide them in their education and other activities

3. house keeping

4. retain and maintain my sanity while doing all the 3 above

hopefully it's not wishful thinking only

Monday, June 15, 2009

kitchen cabinet part 5

last saturday kc contractor came over and fixed the kitchen cabinets (of course without the doors). was able to breath a little. their work was good, neat and tidy. they also helped to fix some of my accessories (no extra charge of course). my ariston oven and fotile hood and hob are also fixed.

they came in at about 10.15 am and left around 5.00 pm. they even swept the dust off the floor.

next day woke up early had breakfast in solidarity, bought some back for home and started arranging around 10.00 am - managed to put back all the things in by about 5.00 pm. TG swept and mopped the ground floor again. it's still not in order but better than earlier.

neway, the kc contractor will come back either this or next saturday to install the cabinet doors and varnish the whole thing. the kitchen suddenly looks so tall & huge coz the cabinets are right up to the top with the top most part a fake wall.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

what's behind my blog name

TG asked why aarthi yesterday - and i just realised that he never knew how aarthi is associated with me. well, nothing dramatic about how i got that name. during my school days, my group of frens used to call each other by the combination of our father's initial and our own. mine was RT. so that's how 'aarthi' was born. it was just one of those silly funny things we do. even remember those secret language codes that me and my cousins used to talk to each other lest the elders find out what we're all up to, he he those were the fun fun days

kitchen cabinet part 4

early march : started to source for kitchen cabinet quotes
end march : more or less confirmed the kc contractor
13 april 2009 : quote finalised by kc contractor for kitchen cabinet, study table cum book rack& shoe rack at the porch
27 april 2009 : paid deposit
29 may 2009 : installed the study table (delayed by 2 weeks from the promised 11-15 may week)
13 june 2009 : installation of the kitchen cabinet body (no doors yet) (tentatively)
27 june 2009 : installation of the doors (tentatively)

and this timeline is with me doing the designing and highlighting things to the kc contractor.

oh, and don't forget that i was the one who sourced for the door handles, bought them and arranged for the drilling of hood ducting hole.

so the kitchen saga still continues for another round...............

the kutties are back!

TG decided yesterday that he will personally pick up the kids from amma's place instead of meeting appa halfway the journey. he asked what they want to do first once reach the house and gave them both 3 choices : to see doduku, to see the new porch or to see me. apparently they chose me over the other 2 choices. hmmm.. went softy inside.

so they dropped by at the office just now and i went out for a quick look - syama just couldn't help but touch my cheeks - this gesture spoke more than a thousand words. what wonderful loving kids and family i have. may god bless them always.......ohm

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

kitchen cabinet part 3

as i predicted the kc contractor informed that the kc would only be completed in 2 weeks time!! was i angry or what! that news really made me go berserk!! what with TG pushing me to push them - it's all centred on anna - it's just coz' of his allergic situation.

the waiting game continues..........

came home and saw the pergola up (at least) but not painted, no polycarbonate either, the porch yet to cleaned and the pebblewash shined.

the contractor said tomorrow "mesti mari" we shall wait and see whether he actually turns up or not. so the waiting game continues...................

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

lazy afternoon

was just browsing thru some photos in the long forgotten folders (can't remember when i actually created 'em) and went back along the memory lane with my kids. gosh! how fast they grew up!!

pergola + polycarbonate

this is how my pergola gonna look like (or that's what the contractor said anyway). the poly colour however would be in bronze and not blue like the one above. tomororw he said he will complete everything - having my fingers crossed

Monday, June 8, 2009

kitchen cabinet part 2

my proposed kc is solid nyatoh with decorative glass panels for some of the hanging units. am also having a breakfast counter cum storage made. hope to fully utilize them i.e. use the kitchen more often meaning, he he, cook-lah! sick of eating and choosing what to eat out everyday, which reminds me what to eat for dinner today???

kitchen cabinet

some of the inspirations for my kc. (photos courtsey of,,,
we'll wait and see when mine is finished...

the waiting game

porch completed on friday - pending cleaning up works and application of some liquid on the pebble wash (for shining purpose). today hopefully will start the pergola and touch up works.

kc too should be completed by this week. kc contractor said by 10th (??) not sure whether he would be able to keep up to his promise. past record not good, in fact all of them have bad records. grrrr!!!

neway the constructive thing is we managed to clear and fix the store shelves last weekend. gosh! the number of unwanted and unused things we actually were hoarding in the house - scary! now the store looks more "approachable", he he.

doduku is becoming more and more manja, constantly wanting us to pick her up, spend more time with her. not sure whether its coz' her 2 elder siblings are not here with her. of course those two have for the moment are having a wonderful school holidays at their grandparents house after touring half the nation last week with ammayee and thattha.

both of us started missing them the day they went off - the whole house seems to be empty and void - what an irony when they are here fighting and shouting and constantly complaining, we wish they were off on a holidays or something but now that they actually are, the emptiness is just too much to take. wish they are back soon. can't wait to see their expressions when they see the transformation of the house.

Friday, June 5, 2009

ariston oven n fotile hood + hob

my ariston oven is ariving today!! yes, finally, nearing the completion of my kitchen. hope it arrives in good order. also my new fotile hood and hob. TG has been very nice to me despite my grumpy mood. love him so much for that! sigh, wish had not barked at him earlier....well words thrown not able to retrieve back. so aarthi - learn to weigh 'em before hurling them away.

gotta get doduku back home early before the oven guy comes. need to inform TG to be there as well to help carry the the stuff. yes yes can't wait to see my new oven.

moody moody day

got up in the morning all fresh and rearing to go. all went fine till TG informed can't change the front door steps shape - grrrrr!!!! can't do anything so never mind lah go ahead. it would be an eyesore but just gotta stomach it - maybe won't look so bad after all , will see later in the evening.....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

kitchen oh kitchen

finally, yesterday the kc contractor confirmed the kitchen would be installed by next week - such a relief. i can start clearing the stuff and re-arrange - it was (and still is) like a war zone with boxes all over the place. just pray that the sauce bottles are not open and its contents spilt all over (would be really yucky to clean up!)

thank God anna and akka are not around - cannot imagine myself juggling with preparing them and little doduku around the place and at the same time sweeping and mopping the house.

well that's the price to pay for wanting the porch done at the same time.

first try

finally, after months of wanting to create my own blog, had started one hope to complete and get it moving. ha ha ha