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Thursday, June 11, 2009

kitchen cabinet part 4

early march : started to source for kitchen cabinet quotes
end march : more or less confirmed the kc contractor
13 april 2009 : quote finalised by kc contractor for kitchen cabinet, study table cum book rack& shoe rack at the porch
27 april 2009 : paid deposit
29 may 2009 : installed the study table (delayed by 2 weeks from the promised 11-15 may week)
13 june 2009 : installation of the kitchen cabinet body (no doors yet) (tentatively)
27 june 2009 : installation of the doors (tentatively)

and this timeline is with me doing the designing and highlighting things to the kc contractor.

oh, and don't forget that i was the one who sourced for the door handles, bought them and arranged for the drilling of hood ducting hole.

so the kitchen saga still continues for another round...............

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