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Thursday, October 22, 2009

the little cottage

last weekend back home at appa's house for deepavali was one of the most relaxing time that i've had in the last few years. time to reminiscence the good old carefree days, minus the kiddos. my youth suddenly came back to me - the feeling was indeed awesome to say the least.

memories of the last deepavali i spent with my childhood friends. remembered all of them coming to my house at the boh road house. we went to the taman opposite the road to house. sha, sarina, loges, geetha & nicholas. can't actually remember what we talked, probably something not so significant but the feeling of togetherness was great (at least for me). friendship is so beautiful..........

thinking of these sweet memories of yesteryears suddenly gave me this strong burst of energy within me; which as quick as it came evaporated immediately upon seeing my darling doduku crawling towards me, grinning away, with her little bouncy curls swaying here and there - aahhh, back to reality and diapers and milk bottles ad screaming at the kids.

wonder how many of my other friends are sharing the same emotion like me

Monday, October 5, 2009

as different as sun and moon

my two daughters are as different as the sun and moon.

one has straight hair and the other curly (Grand Aunt Ponni from seremban calls it 'ribbon hair'). the older sis has inherited the paternal grandfather's rather short nose and the younger one sharp (probably from her appa or my side). the elder one has eyes as round and as big as the moon while her sister's an exact replica of mine.

both however were bestowed with my long eye lashes.

it's such a joy seeing them growing. i can't help but compare one with the other (though sometimes, my memory does play tricks with me - can't recall whether it was the brother's or elder sister's antics the kutti takes after)

hope they grow up best buddies, though with the 6 year gap, it won't be easy....