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Monday, June 15, 2009

kitchen cabinet part 5

last saturday kc contractor came over and fixed the kitchen cabinets (of course without the doors). was able to breath a little. their work was good, neat and tidy. they also helped to fix some of my accessories (no extra charge of course). my ariston oven and fotile hood and hob are also fixed.

they came in at about 10.15 am and left around 5.00 pm. they even swept the dust off the floor.

next day woke up early had breakfast in solidarity, bought some back for home and started arranging around 10.00 am - managed to put back all the things in by about 5.00 pm. TG swept and mopped the ground floor again. it's still not in order but better than earlier.

neway, the kc contractor will come back either this or next saturday to install the cabinet doors and varnish the whole thing. the kitchen suddenly looks so tall & huge coz the cabinets are right up to the top with the top most part a fake wall.

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