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Monday, June 8, 2009

the waiting game

porch completed on friday - pending cleaning up works and application of some liquid on the pebble wash (for shining purpose). today hopefully will start the pergola and touch up works.

kc too should be completed by this week. kc contractor said by 10th (??) not sure whether he would be able to keep up to his promise. past record not good, in fact all of them have bad records. grrrr!!!

neway the constructive thing is we managed to clear and fix the store shelves last weekend. gosh! the number of unwanted and unused things we actually were hoarding in the house - scary! now the store looks more "approachable", he he.

doduku is becoming more and more manja, constantly wanting us to pick her up, spend more time with her. not sure whether its coz' her 2 elder siblings are not here with her. of course those two have for the moment are having a wonderful school holidays at their grandparents house after touring half the nation last week with ammayee and thattha.

both of us started missing them the day they went off - the whole house seems to be empty and void - what an irony when they are here fighting and shouting and constantly complaining, we wish they were off on a holidays or something but now that they actually are, the emptiness is just too much to take. wish they are back soon. can't wait to see their expressions when they see the transformation of the house.

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