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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


2010 has arrived and been almost ..... oh gosh, 4 months now. It started with news of death, within the family and among friends; almost every week in Jan, in fact. January was indeed very morbid. Feb dull, March uninteresting either & April flew just like that. And now it's May. I have stopped writing, practically in everything, blog, diary, even my daily calendar. Fb occasionally. My mind has gone mush, my spirit without any fortitude, not really focused & yet have so many things waiting at hand. The hardest part is getting a grip on myself. The house is in a mess (without the weekly maid), work is not getting less & Ms Exhaustion Extreme is my closest companion nowadays. When is this phase gonna pass?!


  1. A BIG Hello from love2cook...

    Ms. Aarthi, so glad to meet U!!! Thanks for dropping by my space ya...;)

    Thanks again for trying out the briyani chicken and ur lovely comments about it...;)

    U got 3 lovely kids. Wish to see U writing more here...stay in touch. ^___^

  2. Love : wow, never expected a reply so soon. actually am not much of a blogger, he he, just trying out.