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Monday, October 5, 2009

as different as sun and moon

my two daughters are as different as the sun and moon.

one has straight hair and the other curly (Grand Aunt Ponni from seremban calls it 'ribbon hair'). the older sis has inherited the paternal grandfather's rather short nose and the younger one sharp (probably from her appa or my side). the elder one has eyes as round and as big as the moon while her sister's an exact replica of mine.

both however were bestowed with my long eye lashes.

it's such a joy seeing them growing. i can't help but compare one with the other (though sometimes, my memory does play tricks with me - can't recall whether it was the brother's or elder sister's antics the kutti takes after)

hope they grow up best buddies, though with the 6 year gap, it won't be easy....

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